Whispers and lies

Hold me and tell me I’m your world
Compare me to the stars
Say I’m like the moon
Look close and hold my gaze
You think I’m special
You think I’m great
Funny though how no one seems to be able to say it with a straight face.


Flower duet

I love that you can tell when I lie and say I’m okay
I love that for whatever reason you think I’m amazing
I love that you believe in me
I love your voice even though I can never really understand anything you say
I love that you don’t share your feelings but your face is an open book
I love what I see in your eyes when I look at you
I love that you laugh at all my lame jokes
I love that you listen to all my unnecessary ranting
I love that your music is even weirder than mine
I love that you’re there for me
I love that you let me be there for you
I love that you let me in
Mostly though, I love that you love that I love you.

I wish

I wish I could fly
I wish I was smart
I wish I had a photographic memory
I wish I was a better conversationalist
I wish I wasn’t so loud
I wish I had tons of money
I wish I didn’t have to be a burden
I wish I was very pretty
I wish I knew how to do my makeup perfectly
I wish I had a giant curly afro
I wish I weighed less
I wish my boobs are smaller
I wish my legs were slimmer
I wish I had better taste in clothes
I wish I had wider hips
I wish I was with my friends
I wish my nose was smaller
I wish I didn’t have to miss people
I wish people didn’t leave
I wish I didn’t have to be so lonely
I wish I didn’t have to be so rude
I wish I was a better cook
I wish I was a better singer
I wish I could dunk
I wish I could dance
I wish I was older
I wish I was younger
I wish I had more friends
I wish I had less friends
I wish people would like me better
I wish I would like me better
I wish I wasn’t so selfish
I wish I wasn’t so mean
I wish I wasn’t so blunt
i wish i wasn’t so angry
I wish i wasn’t so sad
I wish i was funny
I wish my eyelashes were longer
I wish my feet were smaller
I wish i wasn’t so impulsive
I wish i wasnt so scared

The wheel of fate

Links through time
Forged by the ages
Strengthened by years of tears
Of pain and wars
Of moments of peace and tranquility
Whatever you call her
Fate works
Works constantly
As far as you can run
Destiny can run farther
No matter what happens
The wheel of fate crushes us all

In love

It freaks me out
When love is a subject
When people younger than me say they are in love.
I mean, i guess its possible, probably, i think
But it worries me still
They are either just fooling themselves
Or are the luckiest of us all
If you call love lucky

Are we stuck?

I met you
I loved you…at least i think i did
And then i didn’t anymore
Fast forward
I meet you again
I loved you (i think) again
And then it faded again
Little ahead
I meet you….again
You haven’t changed
So i love you….again
But then i didn’t…again
Cut to the present
I’ve met you
But i don’t want to love you
And i don’t want it to fade
Its always the same
I used to think it was fate
Now i just think we’re stuck