Meeting my demons

I sleep and i dream.

I dream i am in a room, part of some sort of gathering, i sit with my legs folded underneath me on an uncomfortable chair. I finally notice there are others here too, one, i tried not to look at but she was hard to ignore.She wore jeans and sneakers and a shirt without colour but she had 3 necks above her shoulders…3 necks with 3 heads.  The middle head had her hair wrapped tightly in a scarf and wore a small smile, the one on the right had very wet hair and looked about anxiously, the last one looked as confused as i had ever seen anyone. I quickly looked away to my next associate, she had close cut hair and wore tight shorts. Her skin was so ashy it was almost grey, her hair was incredibly dry and her breath was shallow and came with visible puffs. She rubbed her arms, hugged her knees, shivered and looked away. Next was a girl with wide, wild eyes darting about the room. She wore a manic smile and seemed unable to sit still. Her hair went just past her ears and she wouldn’t stop touching it. Everything about her was so charged with electricity that her skin seemed to smolder and give off sparks. I thought that was everyone, i thought that was it, till i looked down and put my hands in my lap. I caught movement in the corner of my eye and looked towards it…her? I didn’t know what to call it, it was like someone drew the outer lines of something and forgot to fill it in..her body was just…nothing, there was just the outline, no features. In my confusion, i cocked my head to the side…the see-through shadow did the same, i straightened up, it did the same as well. It was copying me. I was quite shaken up.

I turned to the restless girl and asked

‘what are we doing here?’

Instead, the cold one answered rudely

‘you should know, you called the meeting!’

I shook my head, I didn’t remember any meeting…i was starting to wake up..the edges of my dream were fading.

‘who are you people?’ i asked the 3 headed girl.

The middle head looked hurt that i would ask but she answered anyway

‘Well, we are your demons…’

I opened my eyes to the sound of a message from Morris.

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