What else can i blow up?

i was just reading through some of my stuff and realised; I write a lot about fire, its my one word of choice. See when i’m alone, i tend to delve into the dodgy depths of my thoughts and i was alone so of course…i delved and came up with the suspiciously coincidental result of my relationship with fire.

So a not so trustworthy quiz i took online a long time ago told me i am empathetic, i am an emotional empath; Zee sees, Zee feels. That (in my opinion) makes my own emotions all the more acute, i am constantly burning with something.

I’m always being compared to explosions or dynamite or matches. Sanna is always worried i will burn myself out, i’m too hotheaded for my own good, that I can’t be around people with similar energies for fear that the explosion would only be bigger…cause more damage.

Maybe she’s right or just over reacting and call me crazy but to me, there is nothing more beautiful than the heart of an open flame. More than anything, i want to live like fire; Burn so bright that people would have to shield their eyes then sputter out leaving a trail of ash and smoke

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