This is water

This is mother fucking water…..

This glorious very very wet thing, the universal solvent, the stuff of life…i realize now that it is very hard to describe water but i’m certain everyone is familiar with it in its various states and types.

One day two fish were swimming in the ocean, they pass by another fish who greets them saying ‘Morning boys, how’s the water?’ The two looked at each other, confused. ‘what the hell is water?’

Although this story is mostly plagiarised from a speech made by David Foster Wallace, i’m making a point. The fish didn’t know what water is. They lived in it, breathed in it and still they didn’t know. This was because they were too busy living and breathing and surviving to notice anything else.

The people you know and the people you don’t and the people you will know, the tiny secret smile you get when you see a sleeping baby, the way people go nuts when their sports team scores, getting free stuff, really needing a hug, getting a hug you really need, the way the girl with headphones on walks in time to the beat of whatever, the sound of someone else’s heart, the painful pleasure you get from rubbing your eyes, the feeling of being scared half to death, the numbness of knowing death, your first deep breath after a bad cold, finding beautiful things in unexpected places.

This is mother fucking water! Revel in it!!!!

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