Little moments

I don’t think the world is a good place, i never did,
i think people are broken and lost and cruel,
They tear at each others faces
And claw for the best bit of everything
So when i see strangers i always find myself wondering;
‘whats the worst thing shes ever done to get something?’
‘how many lies has he told, how many hearts shattered by his hand?’
‘how many people suffer because of her voice, actions and decisions?’
And when i ask out loud, the answer is never none or nothing
I don’t judge
I’m sure i have my lists as well
It is basic human nature
But sometimes
I see something
I feel something…if only for a moment
That makes me think…not that i’m wrong,
I’m never wrong
But that even in the cesspool of hate and war and death and pain
There is happiness..pure unadulterated joy.
In such little moments, i wonder
Maybe theres hope for mankind yet.

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