My brother wants to change the world

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I wanted to write something big and controversial..something that would spark a conversation but i couldn’t think of a good topic..but i did think of a conversation i had with my big/little brother; Seun. Big and little because he’s older than me but he’s still my baby bro. Now i’m sure you’re thinking ‘why would i want to read her conversation with her pretend brother?’. You should…why? because my brother wants to change the world and i think he’s on the right track, let me know in the comments if you agree or not.

Please note that the following conversation was directly copied and pasted from a chat history with direct permission from its participants with only minor editing done for punctuation and grammar.

Zee (that’s me): i like that you’re trying to change the world, i admire that about you but ask yourself this, look at what we have done to each other, to our home even, is it really worth saving?

Seun: Think about your future kids, the kids of your sisters and friends and cousins. that answers that question, think about the many innocent lives that are not privileged as we are, we have everything we need, Alhamdullilah. Religion, science, free will, we don’t need to die to go to heaven. we can achieve heaven here on earth.

Zee: well…i think human nature is automatically evil and selfish and cruel, i don’t think we’re worth it

Seun: we were born to love zee, you only learn to hate; there is good in every man until he does other wise, darkness only is the absence of light.

Zee: The meanest, cruelest people were given the most persuasive points.

Seun: That is true

Zee: the odds are against I’m all about fighting and life and survival…but the odds are against us. hurtling towards our self-made destruction remember?

Seun: if we don’t start impacting we are doing our future and that of our kids a disservice. Now I have dedicated my life to impacting, all I am doing is learning how to do so. I cant do it alone, it is a we act, people have started.

Zee: you’re not getting my point, you have very limited time, we all do…do you really want to spend that time fighting for people that are content to slaughter each other, people that don’t want your help.

Seun: need zee need. nanny McPhee said “when you do not want me but need me, i shall stay but when you don’t need me but want me i shall go”

Zee: okay, need….but why do you have to be the one to do it…why can’t someone else walk into the line of fire?

Seun: because if i decided to turn a blind eye to the world and move on with my life, think about surviving, chasing monetary gains i wont still attain peace, self worth, happiness…frankly, i have looked at the future and i see some form of success being achieved but i fear for my life going down to achieve it.

Zee: a lot of people will reject your enlightenment

Seun: it is not mine, i wont do this alone

Zee: Insha Allah, you won’t have to. The important thing is not to lose sight of your humanity…as leaders often do, they’re so used to making sacrifices for ‘the greater good’ that they forget its peoples lives and children and source of income and homes and all that.

Seun: my father keeps telling me his fear isn’t the road to power but the power itself, it can change you absolutely and when it leaves you regain self consciousness.

Zee: did i ever say I’m proud of you, I’m really proud of you..i so can’t do what you’re trying to, i wouldn’t even think of it

Seun: I am learning, just learning and trying to impact the best way I can for now. Thank you zee, i’m proud of you also. I can’t do what you do either

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