Like…i don’t even know what to call this

I asked some of my friends to read through my writing…heres what they had to say:

it doesn’t make sense to me 

you can’t be serious with this

this is stupid 

whats your point? 

i dont understand why you waste so much time on it. 

you can’t grow as a writer, you’re stuck 

 your writing is children’s book worthy at best 

you can never get far with this

this sucks

i’m speechless

how do you even come up with this crap?

no one would buy these

don’t ever share these on Facebook again, my friends might see it

it doesn’t suit you

just stop, its a waste of time

i can’t believe you made me read this

dude, what is this?

are you depressed?

i think you need a therapist

are you trying to tell me something?

its something you do when you’re bored

you know, if you’re suicidal i won’t tell anyone

i have never seen so much crap in one place at a time

this is a joke right, i’m meant to laugh?

umm, i don’t get it

this is just for fun right?

I just think writers are jobless

you don’t really expect people to like these?

where did you copy them from? theres no way on earth you could be that good

i think i should tell your mum about these, you might need some help

does anyone know you write these? don’t show anyone this shit

you have to stop, its getting weird

dude, this shit is fucking creepy

most of these don’t make sense

you’ll grow out of it

i dont understand why she keeps wasting her time, its not even that good.

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