The close-up, the mid-range, The far frame

I’m an artist and like any other artist I paint pictures but with my words instead of with colors and brushes. I’m painting a picture now, I’m painting a portrait.

The Close-up
The close-up is always the hardest part, it has so much detail but I will try and do it some justice. I am me, I am your friend but not just any friend. I am close to you and I know you

You, you are an idiot, a total and complete idiot and I think its fine because you make me laugh. I know how cheeky you are and even though you have doe eyes that make you look ever so innocent, your smile betrays it and shows that you’re up to no good. The way you are, the way you carry yourself; you have this quiet confidence that makes me not want to be so loud but I think you’re tired. You seem really tired, like you carry the world with you when you move and its taking a lot out of you. I know you have a lot of secrets, that must be why you seem so tired and that’s okay. We all have our little secrets. I like how you make everyone family, it means a lot.

When I look at what I have painted. I am proud, it is not mimicry, its not a caricature. It is the first step towards a full portrait.

The mid-range
I take a step back, further away from you to paint the mid-range. I am not a stranger but I am no longer the me you know. I am a friend but not that good a friend.

You, you are playful and funny. You are suspicious and I feel that I should watch my back around you. You are cunning and very straightforward, almost blunt to a point of rudeness. You seem to know what you’re doing with yourself. You are confident but only in yourself. You are strong, you stand and hold your ground.

If this was a case of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ this would be the not so good. Most of what is good about this portrait is below the surface view and from where I’m standing, its not so good.

The far-frame
I am a stranger, glancing towards you for the first time.

You are not note worthy, you do not stand out, you seem just confident enough to make do and not anymore. You are cheerful and playful and friendly, perhaps a bit too cheerful. You are smart, intelligent. You just might survive.

And it is done. The paint is finished and the brushes are dry, the wax is settling and the portrait is done.
The close-up, the mid-range, the far-frame.
This is you, from my side of the fence. Don’t worry, I still like the view.

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