‘Do you wanna know what I think?’
‘Good, I’ll tell you. I think you’re irresponsible, self centered, narcissistic, attention seeking…’
‘Feel free to pause at anytime’ I sighed, sinking deeper into the couch I sat on.
‘Noted. You’re also angry’
‘I’m not, little hurt and insulted but not angry’
‘I don’t mean now, I mean generally. You’re angry at yourself and at everyone and everything’
‘No I’m not!’ I laughed ‘you wouldn’t find anyone happier than me’
‘A facade, merely a facade’
My laughter faded ‘can you not? Okay? Is it okay if you just not?’
I coughed, trying to clear away the awkwardness
‘I’m going to get myself another one of these’ I said finally, holding up my now empty cup of bourbon. I walked towards the bar, picked up a bottle and poured
‘As I was saying…’
‘Yeah, I think imma need the whole thing’ I said, grabbing the bourbon bottle.
‘You drink so much, you shouldn’t drink at all’
‘Oh? Why not?’
‘That’s a stupid question, you know how you get when you drink…and I always have to fix your messes when you get sober’
‘Okay, now I need you to shut the fuck up now! You’re pissing me off! Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot do? I am not a child! not anymore!’ I shouted
‘Who am I?’ She shouted back ‘are you fucking serious? Look at me!!’ She grabbed my chin and turned me to face her ‘WHO AM I??? I AM YOU!!’
I heard the door open and my assistant, camille walk in.
‘Ma’am, I’m sorry, I heard you shouting…who? Who are you talking to?’

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