Devil spawn

the god of tits and wine


I actually just realised that i never quite introduced myself on this so…hi

I’m Zee or Fauziyah or whatever you want to call me. i figured i shouldn’t just give out my entire life story on the internet (lotta weirdos out there) but imma just tell you a little bit about me. Well, i’m young, quite so actually and that kinda explains the title of this blog ‘musings of a child’. i’ve been writing since i can remember but i started this beautiful journey, on paper, like most writers start. umm…what else is there? i text in full sentences, my voice is really loud, i actually like virgin radio, i’m really judgemental uhh…i have a lotta mood swings, i’m a very angry person but i like to laugh too. My laughter sounds like a deranged donkey with a bad cough…cant really help that. i like to think i know a lot of people but thats fine cause connections are important, although i can say i have my own special little group of friends for whom i’ll do anything. recently though the group kinda grew to accommodate uhh….new entrants, so now we’re the awkward turtle family. i’m Zee Awkward Turtle, theres Mandy, Daddy, Charming, Toorkie, Jal, China, Jordan, India and…Mike, Mike doesn’t have a name yet and he’s still under probation so he’s like a step-family member. AAAANYYYWAAY! i like cats and i like dogs and i don’t get flowers…not that i don’t receive flowers, i just don’t understand the point of giving them ‘Here! i saw this beautiful thing and killed it! heres the dead body as a token of my affection!’ doesn’t really make sense to me. i change my mind A LOT! depending on circumstances and situations, i suck at decisions, even ordering lunch at uni is a problem for me. i like people, i really like people, you can learn a lot from different people but the thing about my love of people is…i don’t like stupid people; They make my skin crawl. Also, i’m not too sure i use punctuation marks right…i think my sentences have too many commas and too many conjunctions. i may or may not be addicted to game of thrones, i love reading, i think my hormones are all over the place but imma grow outta that, i get really sad sometimes, i like Baskin Robbins, i think my littlest brother might be evil; i call him devil spawn…uhh i like to think i’m independent but really i’m a huge ass daddy’s girl. i think my sister is the worlds awesomest person except she’s a little mean sometimes, i think my first brother is my world cause he’s…i dunno i just think so, he’s fun. i suck at sports but i do them anyway, i’m like a leech; when you let me get attached to you, i ain’t ever letting go! EVVVERRR! i might be a little weird too but who isn’t these days. I think thats it, thats me and i love it.


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