The desert baby

One day the moon got bored…horribly bored and that doesn’t happen, ever. But it did. The moon had seen too many nations rise and fall and rise again from the ashes and fall again for roughly the same reason, it wanted something new to do. So first it closed its eyes but the moon got frustrated after a while, there’s nothing to see behind closed eyes. Then it got an idea and slowly the moon started to turn and for the first time it didn’t just glance and look away as it orbitted. It turned and stopped and looked. It saw the stars that were thousands upon thousands of light years away, it saw the planets and glimpsed the neighboring galaxies. It saw the Big bright mother sun and it saw the other moons. The earth’s moon tried to talk to the other moons but they didn’t hear, they were too busy staring at their lifeless charges. The moon then realized that he had done something that had never been done before. And after a moment, the sun noticed and was elated! Finally! Something new under the sun! She called to the moon and they started a long conversation about God and the secrets of the universe. Down on earth, mankind didn’t notice anything, they just went about their petty wars and arguments and silly worries not knowing or paying attention to the voices floating above their heads. Before this, a baby was born a few hours earlier in the sahara. His mother was now showing him to her family. The baby noticed the change and tried to tell his family but they didn’t hear him and they didn’t understand so he tried to show them and he reached high up in the sky in an effort to point but still they didn’t notice. Years later, the child was growing and he forgot what he’d heard, his innocence was lost and with it the secrets of the universe.

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