The art of not giving a shit

Today, I found out that very many of the people around me need this lesson badly. Yes you, sis….you -___-
Now I’m not telling you to go and y’know masturbate on the train or whatnot, people get arrested for that shit. No, I’m just going to teach you when, where, how and for what reason you should disregard any rule of society and courtesy and just go ‘Fuck it! I’m doing this my way’
First, don’t do anything that’d get you arrested and/or deported
Second, not every single courtesy should be made redundant, try to maintain a little civility.
Third, bag your extreme emotions and toss them in a freezing lake. I said extreme emotions; your anger not your slight peeves, your anxiety not your awkwardness etc I’m not trying to turn you into an emotionless robot.
Okay, that just about covers the basics. On to the main subject. 3 things should matter to you, you pick your own things. Mine are myself, my family and my friends, yours could differ to maybe yourself, your house, your job and so on. The 3 things make up everything you care about, the rest should become trivial, disposable and not worth a shit.
Examples of situations in which you should not give a shit:
Your ex moving on(this is a toughie but we all get by)
Your ‘friend’ talking smack about you behind your back
Shyness with guys and/or girls
Etc etc
For my final lesson, I want you to take all the bullshit I just said, throw it right back out and do whatever the fuck you feel like because that *sips martini* is the key to happiness

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