Same love

 ‘You don’t really care for music do you?’

My fingers paused on the keys and i looked up at Dylar.


I’d been trying to impress her with my skills on the piano…it obviously wasn’t working. The girl looked bored and extremely out of place.


‘No, no I love music!’ Dylar said quickly ‘just not the classic stuff y’know, here! I’ll show you!’ She continued as she plopped down next to me on the seat and played the first few notes of ‘Hall of fame’ by william and the script.


‘Did you compose that yourself?’ I asked with wonder

‘What!?! No! I wish! That’s just a normal song’ 

‘Its nice.’ I mumbled under my breath


Dylar was visiting with her father at the Bandeville mansion; my home.

She’d been extremely disinterested in everything with her short hair and jeans and those awful boots. Just wrong!! 

Mother had insisted that I interact with her and make her feel welcome.


‘I have the song on my phone if you want to hear it’ her voice broke my train of thought and I blinked


‘The song….on my phone, wanna listen?’ She asked again taking her iphone and earphones out of her pocket


I looked at them questioningly. 

‘Why don’t you play it out loud?’ I asked

‘You’ll never enjoy it that way’ she said tucking one of the ear pieces in my ear and one in hers.


It was a really nice song but I wasn’t paying attention to it. The earphones were short so we had to be really close together and all I could think about was the smell of her hair….like….crushed roots. It was so earthy and heady.


‘Uhh…sarah….’ She whispered


‘Yes?’ I said almost dreamily, still intoxicated by the scent.


‘The song is over…and your face is in my hair’


‘Oh…umm…sorry. I must’ve gotten carried away’


She laughed, a hearty genuine guffaw ‘I’ll say! You looked drunk!’


I hung my head and twisted my fingers. I imagine I must have been a frightening shade of red because she immediately put her arm around me and squeezed.


‘Hey…hey, c’mon! I was just teasing.’


‘W-w-what do you use on your hair?’ I choked on the words


‘Oh, nothing, just shampoo’ she smiled with all her teeth ‘although I did spend a good amount of time in the lake this morning’


‘I like the way it smells’ it was almost a whisper but I’m certain she heard it.


‘Come on, let’s get out of this stuffy old house and go jump in the lake!’ My eyes almost popped out of my head as she said it.


‘Its cold outside!’ I exclaimed

‘I was in it this morning and it was fine’ she said delivering a perfect pout.

‘Fine, just let me get my bathing suit’ I said, getting up

‘Bathing suit? You don’t need that!!’ She said and dragged me out of the music room and onto the main grounds.


‘Stop! I need my bathing suit!’ I said when we finally got to the edge of the water.

‘Do you? Do you really?’ Dylar asked with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and started to take off her top.

‘What’re you doing?’ I asked turning around so I wouldn’t see

‘Hunting gazelles in the savannah! Come on in! The water’s great!’ She shouted and dived in head first from the pier.


I started to take off my clothes but just like her I left on my underwear. The water was freezing and I shivered a little.


‘You cold sarah?’ Her whisper startled me, she had swam up behind me and I didn’t even notice.


‘A little’ I said smiling ‘but this is fun’


‘Come here’ I blinked…her words confused me ‘come on, I said come here’ she said again.

I swam closer and she put her arms around me.


‘Hey sarah?’




‘I like you’


‘I like you too, I like you a lot’


We stayed that way for a little while then suddenly she whispered in my ears

‘Hold your breath, trust me’ and pulled me down into the water with her

I could barely see her but I could make out her hand signals. Someone was coming our way. 

She was still holding on to me and now I had my arms around her waist. Her hair circled her head like a halo. God, she was beautiful.

She pulled me up and we got out and grabbed our clothes. It was really cold! We ran inside half clothed.


‘See wasn’t that fun!!’ She said, her teeth chattering

‘Yes, I…..AACHHOOO!!!!’ I sneezed 

and her eyes became the size of dinner plates

‘Up the stairs, now! Go! Go! Go!’ She commanded

We hurried into my room and she started tugging at my wet shirt

‘W-what’re you doing?’ 

‘Getting rid of these wet clothes’ she said and went into my closet.

She came back about a minute later in her underwear holding extra blankets and some of my old sweaters.


‘Put them on or you’re going to catch a cold’

I obeyed and put on 2 sweaters. She tucked me in, told me to sleep and turned to leave.

‘No, wait. Don’t go. You’ll catch a cold too’ 

I got up and put one of the sweaters over her head, dragged her to the bed with me and put the covers over us both.


‘Is it just me or is it hot in here?’ She asked grinning

‘You’re still shivering’ I said, tucking the blankets up to her neck.

‘Warm me up?’

I nuzzled closer and put my head on her chest

‘Yup, its hot in here’ she affirmed.



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