Nothing beats revenge

With the extremely unwilling help of my new boy toy; derek and his P.I elder brother, I got a hold of the bride to be’s credit card statements and was going through them on my computer.
I sort of felt bad for leaving Derek to answer his brother’s questions, I thought again and laughed. No I didn’t! He deserved it, right?.
I shook my head, concentrate.
I was right, I smirked. Nouveau riche.
There had been a steady hike in the money going into her account, Job promotion? No. This was slow, too slow for a promotion.
What were you doing Tiffany?
My phone rang and I was standing in the kitchen, confused. I picked it up and stuttered
‘Tracy! Where are you!?!’ Less screamed
‘Don’t yell, what’s up?’ I answered, wincing
‘I didn’t yell, I’m whispering. I’m in Mr Montrel’s class, where are you?’ She said
I blinked, Mr Montrel. That was 4th period, lunch was next. Half the day was gone, how?
‘Hello? You still there?’ Less asked
‘Yea, I got caught up. I’m on my way’ I answered and hung up.

I looked down at myself, I was in the same clothes as last night when I was looking at the card statements. I shook my head and ran up to my room.

I entered the cafeteria and made a beeline for Leslie.
‘you look like shit’ she said, raising an eyebrow
‘Hey to you too’ I sighed, sitting down
‘Didn’t you get any sleep? Is that why you’re so late?’ She asked with a mouthful of sandwich
‘Uhh….I don’t know. I can’t remember’ I blinked, all the more confused ‘the last thing I remember was being on my computer around 10 last night and finding myself in the kitchen this morning at like 11am’
James and Nick had been having their own sports related conversation at the other side of the table but then James looked at me and said
‘You lost time? That’s so cool!!’
Less and I looked at each other then at him with the same ‘huh?’ expression on our faces.
‘Its when you forget everything your mind has been doing for a period of time, some psychopaths have it when their crazy comes on’ he explained
I felt my face redden.
Less looked at my blush and quickly spoke ‘you’re not crazy baby, maybe it was a new prescription?’
‘No…I haven’t gotten any new pills’ I shook my head and got up ‘I…there’s something I have to do’

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