Shiver 9 (FICTION)

I saw this link on twitter and I went through it cause I was bored…Oh my God. The writing is just amazing, the use of imagery and the primal lust attached to it. Just wow


I tried to tell her the truth. “I – it’s – I’m not an animal.”
“I’m not afraid of you,” she said.
She didn’t look afraid of me. She looked beautiful moonlit, smelling of peppermint and soap and skim.

As if reading my thoughts, she said, “can you tell me it’s only part of you that wants to kiss me?” All of me wanted to kiss her hard enough to make her disappear. I braced my arms on either side of her head, the door giving out a creak as I leaned against it, and I pressed my mouth against hers. She kissed me back, lips hot, tongue flicking against my teeth, hands still behind her, body still pressed against the door.
Everything in me buzzed, electric, wanting to close the few centimetres of space between us.
She kissed me hard, breath huffing into my mouth, and bit my lower…

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