Fire and forever


I burn

Flames of crimson red and ocean blue lick the edges of my sanity

I close my eyes for some form of respite and all i see is darkness, hopelessness

all i feel is the fire

my body consumed by it

i’m charred

but i still breathe

i still gasp and cry out in pain and sadness

why do i still breathe?

why am i still able to feel my hands and feet?

i should be ashes, i should be dust

then i realize, the fire is not on me

but in me

love and lust and bittersweet agony

pride and joy and silky smooth jealousy

I’m falling

There’s nothing to grab on to

Nothing to hold on to

i’m falling into nothingness

i will never land

Gravity mocks me

The emptiness mocks me

And inside

I burn

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