The Magicians by Lev Grossman – Book Review

Alvin's Adventures in Pop Culture

the-magicians-by-lev-grossmanDid you always think that there needed to be more sex, drinking, or 4-letter words in the Harry Potter books? Or that the kids in the Chronicles of Narnia weren’t as snarky, cynical, or full of ennui as the ones you knew at that age? Perhaps that upending of a beloved series of fantasy books was part of the motive for Lev Grossman’s novel The Magicians (or perhaps not) but when main character Quentin Coldwater learns that he is a rare genius of magic (we’re talking spells and the circumventing of physical laws) and gets an invitation to Brakebills, an elite American magic school, he says that he’s excited but comes across as bored with the idea as if he were being given the privilege of doing the laundry. In fact, for the first two-thirds of the novel, it seems as if Grossman is trying to make the fantastical…

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