‘No matter what happens, i always end up alone’ i put my pen down and stared at the first words i had  written in my diary. Someone, somewhere, at some time had given it to me. It was pink and fluffy so it must have been when i was a girl, words floated in my head and i put those down too ‘Gloriously and ignorantly happy’

i was never very socially inclined, through middle school and well into high-school my parents were my only friends, then in the 12th grade there was a car accident and they both died.

I was alone.

My aunt Jenny took me in and i got into college. For a while i didn’t have any friends at all till aunt Jenny and i started to really talk and slowly the hole inside me began to fill up, then came the heart attack and she died.

i was alone. 

i was old enough to take care of myself and my college fund was still intact so i didn’t have to drop out or anything. I graduated and got a good job at a publishing firm. I met Daniel, he was my world and once again i was ‘gloriously and ignorantly happy’. One day, i woke up and he was gone.

I was alone.

Now i own several firms and businesses and my villa home is worth millions of dollars. i am surrounded constantly by the rich and noble of birth, clinking glasses and making toasts.

I am alone


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