Nothing beats revenge (It begins)

i started digging….everything in every corner of my house. I needed information; anything i could find about my dad that my mum ‘forgot’ to mention. i was about to give up my search when i saw the corner of an envelope under her beside table, correction Tanya found it but we’re the same person now. I picked it up…bingo, a wedding invitation ‘Join us in a celebration of love between Michael Harvey Spencer and Tiffany Anne Bruckleburst. The fuck kind of name is Bruckleburst? Okay, Vanice, concentrate. I had started to call us Vanice, it just seemed appropriate; both of us at the same time, the person that had my smile and my look but Tanya’s voice.

I heard my mum stir from her position in front of the tv, i moved quickly. there wasn’t much out of place so i fixed it and ran to my room, locking my door behind me. i sat down, turned on some music then started to study the invitation and the envelope. my eyes moved over it rapidly, taking little notes;

Velvet edges

Cursive typeset

company logo at the back, trademark, expensive

i brought the card closer to my face and breathed

scented cardboard

then i saw it, intricate and beautiful random patterns surrounding the words. I smiled.

the woman who picked the format of this card, this ‘Bruckleburst’ woman. i tossed the card away.

‘It stinks of nouveau riche’ i said aloud

The envelope still sat next to my legs, i picked it up, handwritten on it was ‘Helena’

‘Mum’ I whispered

The invite was an rsvp, it had a return address. i looked at the letters again, the deft, bold strokes that screamed man. Mike wrote this, his bride to be probably doesn’t even know he’s inviting ‘helena’. i smiled again and it got wider and turned into a grin, in a moment i was sprawled on my bed choking on my own laughter, suddenly, i stopped. i have work to do. I picked up my phone and dialed.

‘hello darlin’ i drawled into the receiver

‘who is this?’ the voice on the other end said

i cleared my throat and Vanice spoke

‘Don’t you remember me baby?’

‘you…what do you want tracy?’ Derek sounded more focused and more frightened now

‘i hope your rashes are clearing up babe, wouldn’t want anyone to think my man has STDs or anything’

There was silence and an intake of breath like he was bracing for the impact of what he was about to say.

‘watch your tongue boy or you’ll have much more to worry about than a bad rash’ i whispered

‘i wasn’t going to say anything’ his voice shook

‘Good, now down to business. Get a pen and some paper’ 




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