Vanice Jane: Nothing beats revenge

As i got home that day and headed to the kitchen for my normal after school glass of juice, my mum was there, washing something at the sink.

‘Hi mum, you’re home early’

She jumped, turned around and placed her hand on her chest.

‘You scared me’ she said.

‘i know’ i smirked ‘why are you home so early’

‘don’t you want me home?’

‘i don’t mind but you didn’t answer me’ i sat at the kitchen counter.

She sighed ‘i’m not feeling too well’

‘then you should be in bed and not in the kitchen.’ i countered, raising a suspicious eyebrow.

‘OK! fine! i called in sick today, i didn’t go to work at all’


‘Am tired Tracy. Oh my God, you can’t even begin to imagine how tired i am.’

‘Tell me’

‘Mike called me again last night’ she breathed, sitting next to me.

Mike is my father, he and my mum are divorced. It was just a year before, he was cheating on her with Aveline; his Czech secretary. My mum took hard but i took harder, thats when Tanya appeared. He started to pretend to care, calling all the time, recommending doctors and institutions, hurting my mum all the more. i used to listen to her cry through the wall in the middle of the night, knowing that there was nothing i could do to help, whatever i could do; i knew Tanya would ruin it. i was all she has left and i had to stay strong for her. i promised i would keep Tanya away for as long as it took, it didn’t work out. Now she is hurting again and Tanya wanted payback, we both did.



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