Nothing beats revenge (cont’d)

‘ I don’t know how you did this! But I know its you! You bipolar freak!’ Derek screamed in my face at school one morning.

I just smiled, closed my eyes and let Tanya through. She’d been pushing to be let out for hours.

 The smile widened into a grin ‘beautiful’ she whispered through me

‘What?’ a confused Derek asked

‘ Oh how small and insignificant your reasoning is, I didn’t give you herpes darling. Talk to the whore you’ve been sleeping with and that’s not from me, Tracy just wanted me to give you the message’ and she winked and walked away leaving a startled Derek standing awkwardly in the hallway. You see, Derek had never even been around Tanya before and I was very quiet around him and he hardly ever heard my voice especially with Tanya’s tone.

            Later I was in the bathroom about to take my meds when Tanya appeared beside me and I jumped and dropped the pills in my hand. I was about to count another dose when she started laughing hysterically ‘what?’ I countered

‘You know you don’t need those anymore’

My left eyebrow went up, what was she playing at?

‘Nothing! I swear! We’re on the same page now aren’t we? and you’re going to need me if you want to speak up like earlier. Don’t think I didn’t notice that you let me in, think about it, the two of us against all of them. Everyone that ever called you a freak, a nutjob and a basket case. We could get back at them all! But you need me! You have your ideas and you need my mouth. We could be one person and I promise I won’t try to kill you’ she said sounding strangely genuine. I shook my head and was about to say no when a group of girls came in and saw the spilled pills.

‘Getting a high before class junkie?’ the tall one smirked

‘No, she’s the crazy girl! The bipolar one!’ the blonde one said

‘That’s a lot of pills crazy girl, you want to kill yourself? Need any help?’ the last one said with a big grin on her face, I think her name was Abigail.

Tanya whispered in my ear ‘see what I mean?’

I had made up my mind ‘I’m in’ I said out loud and soon after I was walking out of the bathroom with a fistful of Blondie’s hair giggling to myself.

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