The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

Paper towel roll on stand


Around ten o’clock today, I took my usual coffee break at work. My eight o’clock coffee had just begun to wear off, so to prevent any sort of unfortunate incidents due to a lack of caffeine, I headed to the break room for preventative caffeination.

As I poured a cup of mediocre but nevertheless energizing coffee, I witnessed a strange conversation. There, off to the side, stood the office cleaning lady along with another employee.

“I love Viva paper towels,” said the employee to the cleaning lady. The cleaning lady whole-heartedly agreed. The employee took it a step further. “Brawny is terrible compared to Viva!” Bold move on her part.

Fortunately for her, the cleaning lady nodded in agreement, alleviating any chance of paper towel-favoring awkwardness. “You know where you should go,” said the cleaning lady. “Sam’s. They have huge packages of Viva. That’s where I get all of…

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