‘close girlfriends’

You guys will not believe what just happened to me……its kinda depressing cause….once upon a time, this girl used to be my ‘friend’ lets call her Tanya. So i was on ask.fm(which is connected to my twitter account, follow me @zee_salaudeen) answering random questions and a question from one of my twitter followers comes in ‘Y r u such a slut, what will ur dad think?’ and my first thought was….’huh? hollup hollup hollup…hollup!!!'(i stole this off Swoozie, i hope he doesn’t mind) thing is, i’m not a slut’ -__- so when i tried to think of anyone wierd that i might have dated…..NADA! so anyway my answer was basically ‘ummm….i’m not a slut’ then everything chilled for a blissful 7 or so minutes den BAM another question came in ‘ ehn, same thing, what will ur dad think? we’re all ashamed of u’ ‘hollup hollup hollup…..hollup’ but again, this is not what i answered, my answer was ‘who’s you? and who’s we? btw the people i choose to spend my time with is not your business and you have no right to mention my father’ what i really wanted to write was “!@#*% you talking %^@#$ my dad !#$%@ none of ur #@$% business @#%&*$!&’ but i didn’t, too bad i didn’t.

Like, immediately after i saw a tweet from Tanya being like ‘wheres …….. when you need her?’ …….. is another of my critics who always threatens me with my father. so when i saw this, i just smiled and tweeted ‘hehehe caught ya’  y’all might think thats not enuf to conclude its tanya but trust me, i stayed with these girls in my highschool dorms, i’m 99% sure. So i was telling my most awesomely awesome real friend, Taffy(sorry hun, couldnt think of a better name) all about it and den i thought! i have a friggin blog! imma blog the hheeeeellllll outta this #@!%$ and dats how we got here now. Thing is, i’m a very trusting person with girls (stupid thing, yes i know) so someone i said something to (i only said anything like 3 ‘close girl friends’) must’ve told someone who told …….. who told tanya. now heres the scenario, i tell ‘close girl friend’ A that i got a cat, k? and she respects my decision and trusts me to handle myself with the cat cause this cat owner is wearing mittens(this sounded cooler in my head) same for ‘close girl friend’ B but ‘close girlfriend’ C thinks i’m delusional and in way over my head, thinks i cant handle a cat, i should stick with kittens or not get a pet at all so she tells ‘girlfriend’ 1 who is a scatterbrained talkative who cant keep her mouth shut and goes on to tell ‘friend’ 1 who tells ‘friend’ 2 and somewhere along this line, the story changed from me getting a cat to me getting a mountain lion with 2 heads and a snake tail. So ladies (and dudes) respect your friends’ decisions and trust when they say they can handle themselves but stay close( don’t push, just be there) so incase theres a wobble(i’m learning to wobble by the way, its a dance move) you’ll be there to catch them silently (no one likes an i told you so) and help them back up or……like i have decided, NEVER TELL SQUAT TO YOUR ‘CLOSE GIRLFRIENDS’!!!!

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