stuff dat pisses me the fuck off

i haven’t posted, in like 2 weeks, i know, i’m sorry. its like this; my life like got a shitload harder!!! tests and presentations and assignments and essays and so much friggin work! and i’m suddenly expected to have a social life along with that? HEEEELLLLLL TO THE NO! i’d rather sleep all day, even tho i love my friends so much……i’d seriously rather pick sleep. my stupid computer keeps trying to correct my sleeping and grammar!! its fucking pissing me off!! so today i’m going to blog about the everyday stuff dat pisses me off!! lime imma start from the lowest and work it up.

10) vending machines -____- : i friggin HATE vending machines!! they just sit there……calling to you even tho u don’t really want anything………and when u do actually really want something, it takes ur change and gets stuck and u just standing dere like -____-  FUCKING VENDING MACHINES, then theres the change!! i can never find any change to use the vending machine which makes me pissed off even more!!!

9) hand dryers in the ground floor bathroom of block 15…………….DAFUQ!! i do not appreciate having to leave the bathroom with 5 drops of water that the tissues couldn’t get to!! dafuq is dat? i’ve written several angry emails and nothing has happened!! its like a bane in my everyday life(bane is my new word for the day ^_^)

8) NO FUCKING UOWD WIRELESS IN THE FOOD COURT! the fuck is dat! i like to be able to tweet about what i’m eating even if no one really cares!! what about group meetings huh? food court is the best place to have meetings….why? CAUSE OF THE FRIGGIN FOOD!!! and if i want to show my friends a cool video on youtube of this guy getting mauled by a lion., i’d like to show them in a sociable place! WITH FOOD!!

7)The computer for the color printer in the library, imagine this, your class is in 5 minutes and an assignment is due, you race to the library and sit at one of the computers, then u realize, it has to be in color cause its a brochure….you walk to the friggin computer with the figgin color printer and you log in……..your desktop doesn’t load for 1 friggin hour and ur shit finally gets printed in fucking 2045!!!! its so friggin slow!

6)the books in the library!! i can never find anything that relates to my topic!! EVER!! all the boks in there are just useless!!!

5) the distances! block 5, 15 and the food court are so friggin far away!! i can never get to classes on time!! and i’m  always like……kill me

4) Knowledge village stinks this week, i mean like literally! they’re like putting manure on the plants and shit and its fucking stinking up the place……its like permanent nausea when ur outside! THEY SHOULD FUCKING DO THIS DURING THE FUCKING HOLIDAYS!

3) middlesex guys………………….middlesex black guys……………….ARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKING STOP STARING AT ME LIKE I’M A PIECE OF MEAT!! i passed by this group of black dudes less dan 10 minutes ago and dey were talking and when i passed by all of em just stopped and stared! WTF! Its not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th time its happening!! and each time, i go to the bathroom and check if deres something wrong with my appearance -____- nothing, waste of time all the time….

2) not to be racist of nufin but CAN ALL Y’ALL WHITE FOLKS STOP PRETENDING TO BE BLACK!! PLEASE! i fucking said please, i hardly ever do…….. like i met dis white dude last week (not naming names) he just walked up to me and was all ‘wassup ma nigga!! i heard u rap gangsta! i rap gangsta too’ and he proceeded to deliver the worst 2 minutes of my life to me den he went on ‘so as a homie, a sister, a relation, i as wondering if u could do one for the hood u know, like write me a good song cause like i’m ur homie mehn, ur bro’ and i was like -______- ‘fucking get outta my way’

1) Bitches be thinking i’m dumb!!! DAFUQ IS DAT! what? cause i curse? cause i’m black?? DAFUQ IS WRONG WITH ALL Y’ALL!!! course i aint all that smart yea, but i know i’m deff smarter dan ur dumbass!! (ur in this context is a particular person i’m dissing, who i wont mention cause i said i wasn’t naming names)

The end, thats my list of shit that pisses me the fuck off………have a nice day bitches!!

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