Basketball and George

i’m gonna start using fake names cause apparently some people felt offended, well too fucking bad!

Today, i went balling, y’know; out on the court, the wind in my face, shoving other players to the ground and stepping on their backs for a dunk…….naah! i’m just kidding. i can’t play basketball for shit! i don’t think i can bounce a ball but i’m not here today to talk about my lack of athleticism. In a normal match between UOWD and middlesex, there is usually no stress, no pressure, we’ve got this, but today, we were missing our starting 5 point guard (this term had to be explained to me a few minutes ago). he had some important stuff to do i guess so we had to make do with “tyler” (i hate this fake name stuff) okay so tyler is good yea but he has to work out some kinks and this other dude came late so the team was kinda disoriented. long story short, we lost >_< totally fucked up ryt! now George(i talked about him with his real name in ‘its been a while’) is an awesome player, he’s everywhere, super fast, never misses a shot or pass. he was bummed….like really bummed, i think he’s over it but before he looked like he was going through every mistake in his head and replaying it. he’s really devoted to his game, which is totally adorable. Anyway, tyler got injured (poor tyler, i think i’ll go ping him now) but he didn’t want help, dunno why.

so my story is, today sucked! except for the part that i got to be with george, that part was fun and nice. i think i’m going to another game on wednesday… we’ll see (le evil face) okay, i think i’m done. nite nitearman, sheik ,bryann

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