Blogging in my pj’s because this is serious

Severally, i’ve come across a very disturbing issue that i want to address; Society, people and judgement. my sister, aisha, blogs too and she talked about these things in one of her posts. its very disheartening to hear about highly emotional teens and young adults commit suicide because of societal judgement. Sure, you’ll advice them to ignore it but have you honestly tried to hold out on pressure from all sides? its really hard! even Zeus’ willpower is not that strong(and its really strong, trust me). i believe, that the only clear cut solution is to stop judging! just stop!! no one knows what the other person has been through, has faced or the problems and issues that surround his/her life. ‘she hangs out with boys and wears shorts, she’s a slut’ ‘she talks to the guy that i think is creepy, she’s just as perverted’ ‘he wanted to go see his girlfriend instead of watching a movie with the guys, he put hoes before bros’ ‘she failed that easy MCQ test, she’s dumber than a nail’ such things really hurt, what if; she hangs out with boys and wears shorts cause she’s on the boys basketball team, she talks to the guy that is ‘creepy’ because he’s nice and funny and sweet, he left his friends for his girlfriend cause her dad died and he wanted to be there for her, she failed the easy test because she was very sick. stuff like this happens all the time and its very unfair to just judge people on sight…..hey, i’m not perfect, i judge sometimes but what we should do is recognize that its a really serious problem.

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