hello everyone, its been a while, i know. mostly because i just got into UOWD. okay, the thing is, i have block which sucks cause it means i cant write anything good for a while and that sucks real bad so i’m just going to tell you all about my life till something decides to happen, maybe once a week or something, i dont know. okay, in UOWD i’ve made some groups of friends.

1) the partiers; Mohamed, Hammed, Keysie, Ali,Kasim, Mostafa(who has the body of a greek god) and ahmed (who is british)

2) the girls; My roommate Shaden, leen, Salma(who’s the worlds most adorable human being) and reem

3) the somuchfuns; Arman(i’ll tell you more about him next time), Anne, Zarene, Aiman, Hussein, Rojeh and Yusuf (who has anime hair and calls me makumba cause i’m black)

4) the hitched; Yash(i call him joey for obvious reasons), Sarah and Nemo (yes nemo, as in finding nemo)

5)  cheikh(who keeps pissing me off with the nigerian jokes, he’s senegalese)

There’s one more person that i just started talking to tho, Vince, he is super nice and super funny but i really can’t say anything just yet, we’ll see how it goes.

okay, i’m not telling you all about all my friends to make you jealous but if you want to be jealous, feel free. i’m telling you about them because i don’t know exactly where i belong, i may be loner material but i doubt it. i’m wild with the partiers, i’m always like -___- with the girls, i’m confused with the somuchfuns cause of arman(he deserves a whole post, i’ll get to that….someday) and i always seem to be out of it and confused with the hitched. well thats it, please leave your suggestions and comments 😀 send me an email or tweet at me @zee_salaudeen. i would really love to hear from you, unless you’re a prissy, judgy bitch then you can keep your comments to yourself, and if you still put them up you are just extremely ignorant. okay……….byee

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