Stuck in the middle

Hi my name’s Paul. Jst to get it out there so u won’t be surprised later on…I’m gay.
I jst got into college and because of that my parents and I had to move to New york. I jst got here last week and its my first day. I have brown hair and I wear it long, shoulder length with one braid , blue eyes, dark tanned skin and I’m 6.9.
I walked into class and scanned the faces and BAM!! Eye contact with hottie number one, blond, grey eyes *sigh*. The seat next to him was empty so I rushed over and sat down.
‘Hi!’ I started
He looked over at me and looked back at his notebook. Ouch
After class, I was walking towards the door when this wide eyed red headed girl with freckles wearing ripped jeans and a half top rushed over and blocked my way.
‘Hi! I’m Cassidy, Cassie, Cass. Whichever, jst don’t call me assie. People at my highschool called me assie cause they thought my butt was huge’ she turned around ‘does my butt look huge to you? Never mind don’t answer dat, I know you’ll agree with me. I’m a very agreeable person, my mum told me so, she says I’m very agreeable…’ And she went on and on and on
‘So…umm can I help you?’ I asked
‘Oh! Yea! I like ur hair, the braid in it, I don’t know how to do that, I had a friend lucy in highschool she was supposed to teach me but we became enemies, I used to be an enemy to animals but now I’m a vegetarian but I’m still getting used to tofu..’
‘I’ll teach you!! Jst please stop talking!!’
I said, walking towards my motocycle.
She followed me and was thanking me till she saw my motorcycle.
‘OH MY GOD!!’ She shouted ‘is that a Duccati 2012?’
‘You know bikes?’ I asked with a raised eyebrow
‘Yes! I love bikes!! This one in particular costs like a buhmillion dollars’ she answered
‘Want a ride?’
‘Do I!!’ She said and got on.
I took her to her apartment and headed home. I jst love this house! Its way awesome but the most awesome part of it is my room.
The den leads to my room and in the den deres a bowling alley and all sorts of arcade games. My room has scratch and sniff lilac wallpaper, a comb collection, a walk in closet, a revolving scent stand and a gigantic oak dresser, a study table with my laptop and of course my emperor size water bed, my one true love.
When I woke up,it was 6 in the morning and my mum was standing over me, removing my hair from my face.
‘Baby, you went to bed with your sneakers on’ she said and grabbed a comb.
‘How did your first day go?’ She asked and started to comb the tangles out
‘I made a friend’ I mumbled
‘Oh? What’s his name?’
‘ Its a her, Cassie, she talks…a lot’
I know your thinking its weird to have your mum be in your room by 6 in the morning combing your hair but it kinda like our special time together. I didn’t have friends in high school and she was always there for me. I sat up in bed and went into the bathroom… Day 2 had begun.
After school, Cassie tricked me into taking her to her apartment. I was sorta ticked off so she invited me in for her mix of orange and apple juice with a ‘swish’ of soda, she called it ‘haterade’ I was offended by the name but I accepted the offer anyway.
I entered her living room and almost jumped out of my skin cause. There was a tiger painted mid roar on the opposite wall….the wall to my right was a startling white, the left was green nd the ceiling had white and blue stripes.
‘Well….this is umm…different. I like the tiger tho’ I managed to mumble
‘Stop gawking and come into the kitchen!’ She said. The kitchen was orange, purple , pink and…sleeping cow? :s
‘You did this all by urself?’ I asked
‘Yes’ she said with a proud note in her voice ‘ I need help with the white wall tho…I need a theme… You’ll do!!’ She added
‘You want to paint me on your living room wall?’
‘You’re pretty slow…I already said that! I had a slow hamster once, she was fat,she’s dead now too. She couldn’t run a minute on her tiny purple hamster wheel. My mum said it was my fault cause I always gave her lots and lots of food. I miss her…we used to…’
‘Cassie!!! STOP!! I’ll be your model!! Just please stop talking!!!’
‘Thanks! Now you must put on these ugly pair of overalls and coat your face with some black powder!!’
‘What? I’ll look awful!! Why?’
‘That’s my theme beauty smeared’
I put on the overalls and smeared black powder over my face
‘No! Now I can’t see the beauty anymore, how will people see d original beauty?…..Take off the overalls and your shirt too’ she said!
‘DO IT!!’ She yelled
I jumped out of the specified clothes and stood beside the wall as she began to paint my face after a while I noticed something about the face on the wall.
‘I don’t have that mole!!!! Why’d you gimme a mole and eww you made it hairy!!!’
I grabbed her arm and struggled to take the brush from her hand. The brush touched her face and left a smear, I grabbed a nearby cloth and cleaned it off her face.
‘Beauty smeared’ I whispered to myself
‘You…you think I’m beautiful?’ She asked quietly blushing
I nodded
She had the most amazing sea green eyes, as I melted into them I felt like I was looking at waves rolling into each other…beautiful. Our lips touched and held for a moment before my brain turned back on.
‘What am I… I’m sorry…this isn’t…I have to go!’ I murmured
I wiped the black power off my face, grabbed my shirt and rushed out.
I got home and I shouted

The end

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