The Groove Movement

Note: the short story that you are about to read is completely and utterly fictional!! All this came out of my head and I’m actually really proud of it so please leave ur comments and suggestions! :* thanks!

Adelaide ran out of her parents mansion in a red dress with her hair in pins and the most gorgeous shoes. She stepped into her ferrari and yelled ‘yes mom! I’m sure I’ll win prom queen!’ ‘Yea right’ she muttered under her breath.
She drove about five blocks from the mansion then went into the backseat, changed into a tank top and shorts, put on a pair of sneakers shook the pins out of her hair. Adelaide became Dela. Dela was a dancer, she could do practically any and every dance step, from street dance to salsa to colombian belly dancing, from the dougie to the twerk to the 2 step and the jerk. Dela studied dancers from all over the world and whenever she was alone tried to perfect a new step that she had learned. She studied not only dancers but figures skaters and gymnasts as well but all this was in secret because her father was umm….strict and disapproval was imminent.
Most days she would find an excuse to leave the house and go to ‘the basement’ its not some club even though it sounds like one, its an actual basement. It belonged to her boyfriend Nate, his parents were hardly ever around so he, dela and lots of other teens from their highclass neighbourhood who also weren’t allowed to dance. Since they had started dancing in the basement, word got out and their numbers soared rocket high. The basement, couldn’t be suitable anymore and so they practiced and dance outside in the orchard behind Nate’s parents mansion.
At first it was all random and individual dancing but later on they became more and more coordinated and soon came up with routine
Dela arrived at Nate’s house and was welcomed by some of the dancers who immediately went to her trunk and brought out several large duffel bags. They entered the mansion and placed the duffel bags among very many other large bags. She then announced ‘ its time’ and soon about 29 different cars were seen driving out.
Today, the 24th of August 2003 at midnight the first flash mob took place in Manhattan, USA consisting of 74 dancers in suits and ties holding briefcases in a 17 minute routine led by Adelaide Williams.

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