The tree stump in the park

Look over there, right behind the wall, next to the park bench. U see that tree stump? Deres a story there. I bet ur wondering why there’s a tree stump in a park. Well, I’ll tell you.
Dere was dis boy, Jason and dis gurl, Trina. They went to school together. They were in love but that was a problem because they weren’t even supposed to be seen talking to each other. Why? Because Jason was white and Trina was not. The stupid prejudices of their parents and friends did not stop them from seeing each other. Jason got punished for it time and time again and Trina got her butt whooped for it time and time again. So they started a project together, they built a tree house in a tall tree at the far side of the park. Of course they couldn’t be seen working together so they alternated days, it took a long time but the tree house was eventually finished. It was well hidden in the tall branches so it couldn’t be seen. In the tree house, They hid their love, memories and hearts. Then one day Trina was supposed to meet Jason at the tree house after school but unknown to her, she was followed by her best friend Jackie who badly wanted to know why Trina was always running off.
When Jackie saw and understood what was going on she called Trina’s parents who in turn called Jason’s parents to yell. Both parents went down to the park to see for themselves, they were shocked to see the two lovers when they climbed up into the tree house. Jason and Trina were then separated and the tree was cut down and their memories were set ablaze right before their eyes.

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