Desi Forbes

My names Desi Forbes . Actually its Amelia Ford but I go by Desi cause I’m pretending to be a boy. Its a long story but I’ll tell you.
My dad owns Ford, yes the ford and my mum is a social butterfly. She got invited to every red carpet event and every celebrity wedding, she had 7 million twitter followers nd she’d had 3 botoxes and 2 lipos but she was an awesome mum. She got me everything and anything and she was always dere to tuck me in nd read me a bed time story. All of this is jst d background of my story. My dad announced at the dinner table that ford had begun production of jet engines. I was 8, I didn’t know what jet engines were so I did d natural thing at the time. I asked my dad. Now this is were the story starts, dat question launched my dad into one of his mechanical tirades but this time, I listened and listened. Propellers, bauzers and jet fuel became my bed time stories. I read every single thing I could on jets and jet engines and by the time I was 15 I could build a virtual jet in my head and put in all the parts in all the right places. It was all so interesting to me.
All this time my dad had supported me and my mum had kept telling herself that I’ll grow out of it and want to become a proper lady like her. In school, she wanted me to take art but I hate art so I told the principal about my little problem, I know it sounds a bit weird to talk to my principal about my problems but in my case my principal is also my big sister Addie.
Addie understood and she let me take auto shop and I loved it! She would change d d auto shop in my reports to art. I love her to bits for dat. But one day she was ill and the vice principal stuck up susan signed d reports instead and of course she didn’t switch d names and so I got in serious trouble with my parents. I wasn’t allowed to take any extra curriculars at all. I had to learn to stand straight nd walk like a lady and smile and wave like I was actually happy with my life. Then Addie decided to go to Europe and it gave me an idea. I told my parents that I was going with her then I cut my hair, dressed in boy clothes and applied for internship at ford. Years passed during which I would go home to my parents during the holidays wearing a wig. Addie kept up with the plan too and it was perfect until my dad decided to visit and didn’t see any sign dat I was ever there. The missing posters went up and everyone had an eye out looking for amelia who was right under their noses. Then came my dads heart attack and my mums cancer. I had jst reached the position of top engineer at ford and I was about to commission a new jet engine that I designed. Mum, Dad. I’m sorry that ur both ill but dis is what I wanted and this is why I left home. Addie supported me because she understands I wish u had too.

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